Practices and Expertise

AM’s office works through specialized teams with expertise in the distinct areas of business law, which offer consistent, high-quality legal services in a timely and efficient manner. The teams collaborate to offer integrated legal services to the full range of clients in various sectors including, but not limited to:-

Big Construction Projects
Gas and Petroleum
Tourism Industry
Joint Venture Agreements
Merging and the Establishment of Companies
Payroll Management
Social Insurance Contracts
Project Management
Commercial Agency
Enforcement and Litigation of Intellectual Property
Partnership Agreements
Labor and Employment Litigations
Commercial Arbitration


International Association of Lawyer in Paris Member
Arab Advocates Union Member (Court cassation grade)
Deputy in Intellectual Property rights association
Trademark registration Agent
Master in Executive Law- Ain Shams university


  • Foreign Consulates and Embassies.
  • Shaker Riad & Sons (International Insurance Brokers).
  • Arab Consultants & Accountants (MSI Global Member).
  • Sofico Group.
  • United Services (Customs Facilitation).
  • Contractor Social Insurance Offices.
  • Corporate partnership with Bani Ahmed Law Firm in Amman (JORDAN).
  • Corporate legal office in Milano Italy (Parodi Studio).
  • Corporate legal firm Kurucu in Turkey (Mr.Serkan Catalpinar).
  • Partners with MIS Group (Arab Consultants & Accountants).
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